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        Insulating materials are what type?

        Issues time:2014-07-31 15:27:40

        Insulating material is used to isolate the never same conductive solid. The general also requires solid insulating materials with supporting role. Solid insulating material due to the higher density, which is also much higherbreakdown strength, insulation resistance, dielectric constant range and a wide range of solid insulation.

        Can be divided into inorganic and organic are two kinds of solid insulating materials.

        Inorganic solid insulating materials: mainly mica powder and mica products,glass, glass fiber and its products, as well as porcelain, alumina membrane.They are high temperature resistant, not easy to aging, having appreciable mechanical strength, which some materials such as, low cost, occupy a certain position in the application.

        Glass ceramic process than simple, can be used to manufacture. Glass fibercan be made into silk, cloth, belt, compared with the heat resistant organic fiber is much higher, the insulation structure to high temperature plays an important role in the development.

        Organic solid insulating materials based on natural: in nineteenth Century,such as paper, cotton, silk, can be cured, vegetable oil. These materials haveflexibility, can satisfy the application process requirements, and easy to get.

        Silicone resin with low alkali glass cloth, greatly improved, the heat level.Polyvinyl formal is made of paint enameled wire has opened up broad prospects of the enameled wire, replaced the envelope and cotton covered wire. Polyester film, the thickness of only tens of microns, use it to replace the original paper and cloth, the motor, electric appliance technical and economic indicators to improve. Aramid fiber paper and polyester film, polyimide film forthe motor slot insulating heat-resistant level respectively, become the F level and H level. The elastic body material has a similar development, such as oil,silicon rubber, nitrile rubber, resistance to heat and subsequent fluorine rubber, ethylene propylene rubber etc..

        The above is for you will be introduced on the insulating materials are whattypes of knowledge, if you still have what problem, welcome to inquire.

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